The most important orthopaedic centre in Princeton

orthopaedic centreIn a body, the musculoskeletal system comprise of the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Orthopaedics is the health subject that specializes in the treatment of these structures. These structures offer control of the body and help facilitate flexibility to move and bend. However, the musculoskeletal system tissues can get damaged due to a number of injuries and health issues. For these ailments, treatments are either surgical or nonsurgical. Every Princeton Orthopaedic practice at University Orthopaedic Associates is New Jersey’s most important orthopaedic healthcare centre. It is committed in providing the most modern, personalized, high quality healthcare facilities.

All orthopaedic surgeons in New Jersey take care of the common orthopaedic conditions that effect paediatric patients, adolescents and adults. Moreover, in the subspecialties of orthopaedic care, all surgeons have fellowship training. The subspecialties comprise occupational therapy, sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery, foot and ankle surgery, hand and upper extremity surgery, trauma, joint replacement surgery and spinal surgery.

Onsite diagnostics, sports performance supervision, certified hand treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation are offered at University Orthopaedic Associates as well. Orthopaedic practice assesses and treats an entire range of conditions that affect both the spine and extremities. Injuries like sprains, dislocations, fractures and even degenerative situations like nerve compression syndromes and arthritis are treated.

Facilities Offered

  • Spacious and modern offices
  • Onsite X-ray facility
  • Facility for casting and minor processes
  • Plenty of parking space

The benefits obtained by patients are:

  • Every surgeon works together collectively at one practice
  • All physicians are certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Doctors are very skilled surgeons with fellowship in sub-speciality training
  • Provide every patient with high-tech personal care
  • Exceptional service is provided by a cordial and professional staff

No matter what musculoskeletal injury or condition, all ages of children and adults are cared for. To obtain the most recent progress in orthopaedic surgery, physicians attend scientific conferences and take part in regular medical education courses.

In treating specific conditions, sometimes, surgery is necessary. In this case, the physician will discuss the benefits, risks and details of the surgery. Moreover, doctors have surgical rights at Princeton Surgiplex, Princeton Surgical Centre, University Medical Centre of Princeton at Plainsboro and Surgical Specialists at Princeton in New Jersey. Additional medical services provided are speciality care in sports medicine, joint replacement and trauma, shoulder surgery, hand surgery and arthroscopy.

Orthopaedic practices reduce pain and provide mobility. Patients get back to their work, productive and independent lives. So, New Jersey’s foremost orthopaedic practice is devoted to provide the latest in high quality and personalized healthcare service. Moreover, for the orthopaedic surgeon and other medical care experts concerning the procedures and care, safety is the top most priority. In actual fact, the patient also plays a major part by ensuring that the health care is effective and safe.

Prior to any orthopaedic practice, patients and their families must consider all aspects while deciding on the best treatment on conditions of quality of life and productivity.