Save orphans of Africa and make them happy again!

orphan childrenAfrica is a large continent which consist of many different countries, 54 in number to be precise. Also, it has a large population of about one billion. Africa is a beautiful country which is extremely rich in minerals and other such resources like diamonds.

However, Africa is very closely linked to dangerous situations like economical and political instability, prolonged wars and deadly epidemics. But the most hazardous of them all is the overflowing amounts of immigrants and orphans. About 25 million people are estimated to be affected with HIV, with 1.6 million added to them each year. Also, another shocking fact is that due to HIV outbursts, about 12 million children are orphaned. Note that this figure doesn’t include those whose parents die because of other calamities like wars or other epidemics. In total, there are about 60 million orphaned children living in Africa.

Who will protect these children?

As seen above, those orphaned children living in Africa are very vulnerable to mishaps like war and epidemics occurring around them. If they are not protected, they’ll become victims of these mishaps and will perish.

It is every individual’s duty as a human being that he or she must protect and care for their fellow humans. Only our efforts can save those innocent children from being homeless. However, we aren’t alone in this. Many non-governmental organisations can collaborate with us to provide services to the needy. These organisations have a beautiful vision of Africa without any poverty or orphans. One of the best of these organisations is the Amitofo Care Centre Australia (ACC).

Amitofo Care Centre

The ACC charity is a non-profit NGO which is working hard to provide food, shelter and education to the helpless orphan children in Africa. This is a major step in removing the poverty and despair occurring in Africa. This NGO has the main goal to secure the future of every African child who is orphaned.

ACC family

The ACC charity is a people-funded organisation which values the family more than anything. It has constructed several “orphanage villages” in Africa as shelter for orphan children. It is organised in a lovely manner, in which every house consists of an “ACC family” with 20 children in each one. They have children of different ages in each family who love each other like a real family. Each family has a guardian teacher and two nannies that take care of them. The guardian also has to educate the children and teach them moral values. This combination makes a loving and educative environment and makes the children grow healthily and happily.

The schooling and education

Education is the main factor which helps in human resource development and makes an individual a good and intelligent citizen. Keeping this in mind, many NGOs have built schools for orphans. The ACC has opened a school in its village for orphans called the Yuan-Tong school. Here, education is provided to children according to the African curriculum. The school teaches many languages ranging from Chinese to the local language.

NGOs like ACC have a primary aim to empower all the orphaned children in Africa so that they can stand up on their own feet. You can also contribute to their noble cause by donating a small amount of money. After all, if we don’t help them, who will!