Podiatry specialists in Adelaide

Podiatry specialistsOur foot or ankle has ligaments, tendons, bones, joints and muscles. And, a person walks about 128000 km on average, in their entire lifespan. Thus, it is very obvious to have lower limb problems atleast once in a lifetime. These problems can be easily resolved with the help of profession advice.

Podiatry Adelaide is located on Melbourne Street in North Adelaide and Fullarton Street, Eastwood. The podiatrists of North Adelaide and Eastwood attend here; to treat the majority of problems one can face with respect to their limbs. From corns and calluses to ingrown toenail surgery, all kinds of foot care can be taken of, by the podiatrists.

Common issues and what causes them

The most common cause of the heel pain is the inflammation of the plantar fascia. It acts like a thick rubber band on the foot that extends from the heel bone to the toe base. Pain at the base of the heel is one of the symptoms of it. Inflammation of the ligaments causes it to get separated from the heel. The constant tearing of the plantar fascia leads to inflammation. The podiatrist advises regarding the lifestyle adjustments to treat such heel pressure. Oral anti-inflammatories and corticosteroid injection may be another method of curing this pain. Surgery is the last option in a small number of cases.

The most common cause of heel pain in young children is Sever’s. It is generally common in boys aged 8-15 years. In the sports, like football and netball, it is very common. Gradual increases in pain for a long period, worse barefoot and sore on the foot are some of the symptoms associated to Sever’s. Tight calves, poor footwear and increased sports activity lead to the inflammation of heel bone. Podiatrists can advice on how to get relief from Sever’s. Surgery and corticosteroid are not the options to cure Sever’s.

Metatarsalgia leads to inflammation of the ball of the foot. Constant forces cause the soft tissue around the ball to become inflammed. Inappropriate footwear, tight calves and excessive over-pronation are the reasons of the inflammation of the soft tissues. To promote healthy foot alignment and to redistribute the pressure, forefoot padding is provided by the podiatrists. Customized prescription orthoses help to correct the poor foot posture and function. Icing, corticosteroid injections and anti-inflammatories help to get relieve from the pain.

Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome leads to the inflammation of knee joints. It is a band of strong connective tissue that runs from the pelvic bone to the shin bone. The symptoms of Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome include pain when doing activities like cycling and downhill running, dull ache down the side of the knee and creeky bones. Inappropriate footwear, tight iliotibial band and recent change in training cause the inflammation of the knee. Conservative treatment is generally very successful in this case. Sometimes corticosteroid injection may be necessary with surgery as the last resort.

Therefore, get an appointment at Adelaide Podiatry for the lower limb treatment. This can only help you stay healthy.